Waste Water Disposal & Vacuum Truck Services

Innovative Waste Water Disposal Solutions

We collect, transport, treat and destroy hazardous liquid, sludge, and solid waste with reliable and efficient vacuum trucks. Greenflow’s knowledgeable waste management experts will remove wastewater from your facility conveniently and expediently. We work with a large logistics network of vacuum trucks to ensure we can pick up any waste from any place. We offer a to z waste management so we will remove all unwanted materials and provide you with alternative solutions for anything that cannot be treated.

Suitable for Multiple Industries

Greenflow provides wastewater removal and vacuum truck services to many industries across Canada, including:

● Chemical plants
● Food processing facilities
● Marine/aquatic areas
● Sewage treatment facilities
● Water spillage sites

Vacuum Truck Services

Vacuum trucks offer a safe and reliable method of collecting hazardous and diffused waste, including sludges, scale liquid and sewage.

Untreated wastewater and other hazardous materials pose a major threat to public health and the stability of local wildlife. Everything from groundwater to aquatic life is susceptible to toxic damage. Leave this task to Greenflow, we will ensure all unwanted materials are safely removed with minimal disruption to your business.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about utilizing our waste water disposal services, contact Greenflow Environmental Services today.


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