Waste Transportation Services

Effective Hazardous Waste Collection & Transportation

Greenflow provides commercial and industrial facilities across Canada with safe and efficient transportation of hazardous waste.

We offer a compliant and reliable hazardous waste transportation service tailored to your business needs. We can collect, package and transport various hazardous waste materials such as:

  • Chemical waste
  • Demolition waste
  • Fuels
  • Bulk liquids
  • Electronic and consumer-grade products
  • Medical waste

Large Logistics Network to Move Waste Fast

Whether you have a gallon or a ton of waste, there are extensive and strict regulations for transporting hazardous materials. Greenflow is licensed to transport your waste compliantly and our staff are trained to do it safely and efficiently. Across Canada, businesses choose Greenflow because we offer convenient and cost effective solutions that are built around your schedule and your business needs. From the moment you call Greenflow you can rest assured that your waste will be removed safely, transported compliantly, and at a great price

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