Recycling Services

Greenflow Environmental Services proudly serves businesses and industrial facilities across Canada for their recycling and waste disposal needs. We know just how important it is to recycle and prevent hazardous waste from contaminating the environment which is why we rely on environmentally-responsible waste management solutions for all businesses. We also understand the added efforts organizations need to make in order to recycle their hazardous waste, which is where our trusted recycling services can help make that process easier than ever before.

Environmentally-Responsible Hazardous Waste Recycling

Our first step is to look at how we can recycle your waste in high quality, sustainable and environmentally friendly ways. We pride ourselves by working in a socially and ethically responsible way. Helping customers to recycle their hazardous waste with minimal impact to the environment is the first step in managing hazardous waste materials. Our focus is on promoting a healthy, safe and sustainable planet for current and future generations.

We service a variety of industries using recyclable materials. Our services include:

  • Lamp recycling
  • Battery recycling
  • Electrical equipment recycling
  • Resource recovery
  • Chemical recycling

If you are interested in any of our unique recycling services please let us know when you request a quote.


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