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Where reusing or recycling is not possible, Greenflow offers the complete removal and destruction of hazardous waste through licensed incinerators. With our incineration services widely available across Canada, you can rely on us for the convenient waste destruction your business deserves.

With incineration, as with all our other disposal processes, we strive to protect the environment by converting waste-to-energy. Waste-to-energy facilities harness the power of incinerators to power the local electrical grid. Modern compliance standards and carefully engineered technologies contain and manage toxic emissions or residues to maximize the benefits that can be extracted from otherwise useless waste. So whatever disposal method you require, with Greenflow you always environmentally conscious solutions along with safe waste removal and premier customer service.

Choose Greenflow for Your Waste Incineration Needs

You can always count on Greenflow to effectively handle your waste, leaving you free to focus on what is important– building your business. We make you and your waste incineration needs our priority, so that you can make your customers your priority. We always strive to maximize convenience and savings for our customers, and minimize disruptions to your workplace and the environment.

If you are interested in using our waste incineration services in Canada, please contact our team or request a quote from us today. We are here to help lighten your load with a full-service incineration solution you can count every time.


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With three decades of providing waste management solutions to a large industry base across North America, and we have never lost sight of our core values: convenience, affordability and reliability. With the promise of these factors, we have committed ourselves to exceptional client service by taking care of all the aspects surrounding your waste so that you are free to focus on what truly matters, your business.

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