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Current Legislation

The regulations for manifesting and having a waste generator number for veterinarians remain virtually unchanged.  As a waste generator in the province of Ontario you are required to follow Ontario Regulation 347.  

Under Reg 347, a certified technician (TDG Trained), registered carrier (#A841508) and receiver (#A680198) must deal with the waste generated at your facility.  Once an item is deemed as waste and is placed in a waste container, a waste generator has 90 days to have that waste removed to keep in compliance with the regulations

  • Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change ( April 1995, Amended January 2016) Registration Guidance Manual for Generators of Liquid Industrial and Hazardous Waste.  Retrieved from 

If you are interested in a 90 day courtesy call  we are happy to do so.  At that time you could let us know if you require service.