Waste Management for Government & Military

Greenflow has earned a reputation for compliant, efficient, personalized and unparalleled service solutions. Customers consistently choose us because of our dedication to providing superior customer service while safeguarding the environment. Implementing end to end waste management solutions through environmentally friendly processes that help provide a better planet for those we care about most.

We make sure to take care of all of the details from point a to point b so you can focus on the people of our great country, while we handle everything else.

Services for Government & Military
Emergency Response & Disaster Remediation
We quickly respond and manage any type of emergency or disaster remediation situation.
Confidential paper shredding with 100% destruction of waste containing any sensitive information.
Transportation Services
Offering a full service logistics network via rail, truck, and ship with a large variety of customized options to move your waste from point A to point B.
Hazardous Waste Disposal
From small to large size drums and cubic yard containers, we dispose of all your waste materials efficiently and safely.

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