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Flammable Waste Removal

Safe & Easy Disposal of Flammable Waste

Storing flammable waste on site poses obvious risks to your employees and your property. Greenflow can ensure these products are handled safely, compliantly and cost-effectively. We can provide: the proper storage containers for any products; clear and designated labels; training for handling, bulking and storage of your flammables; and quick, reliable and inexpensive removal of your waste.

Greenflow can deliver all the supplies you need to store your flammable liquids, and with one quick call we can be there to take them off your hands.

Safe and Compliant Disposal

We pride ourselves on our environmentally-safe processes, treatment and operations that consistently meet or exceed regulatory guidelines. Our team will create a waste disposal plan that is completely tailored to your unique business, and meets your objectives and requirements while providing regulatory compliance and peace of mind.

We are constantly striving to reach above industry standards, and safety remains a core principle at Greenflow. Providing safe equipment, training, and regulations for our staff to limit the amount of accidents per year and keep them safe.

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Over a decade providing waste management solutions to a large industry base across North America, and we have never lost sight of our core values: convenience, affordability and reliability. With the promise of these factors, we have committed ourselves to exceptional client service by taking care of all the aspects surrounding your waste so that you are free to focus on what truly matters, your business.