Flammable Waste Removal

Flammable Waste Disposal for Canadian Businesses

Flammable waste can include anything from oils and solvents to battery acids and chemicals. Storing flammable waste on site poses obvious risks to your employees and your property. Greenflow can ensure these products are handled safely, compliantly and cost-effectively. Our flammable waste disposal and management services are available across Canada and will provide you with:

  • Proper storage containers for any flammable products
  • Clear and designated labelling
  • Training for the handling, bulking, and storage of flammable waste
  • Convenient removal of flammable waste from your premises.

Greenflow can deliver all the supplies you need to store your flammable liquids, and with one quick call we can be there to take them off your hands.

Safe and Compliant Disposal of Flammable Waste

Flammable waste is a threat to both the workplace and the public if mishandled. Our team of hazardous waste management and disposal professionals will ensure that your flammable waste is disposed of safely and compliantly.

Right from the start, we will work alongside you to develop a flammable waste disposal plan that is tailored to your facility’s needs. We can also provide training to your employees and help you to implement compliant procedures for your peace of mind.

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