Asbestos Abatement and Removal

Asbestos Abatement and Removal

Asbestos can come in the form of six minerals, and all of these pose severe health risks to humans and animals, up to and including death. The toxicity of asbestos is activated when its fibres are released into the air, which is why it is absolutely critical that asbestos be contained and removed by certified professionals. 

The toxicity of this substance was not widely known until the 1970s, so construction projects before this time often relied on asbestos because it is heat-resistant and an electrical insulator. Thus, this silent killer can be found in a variety of materials from ceiling tiles, to cement sheets, to thermal pipe insulation – but Greenflow can work with you to remediate any space.

Greenflow is your one stop shop for quality, cost-friendly service.

Environmentally Safe and Compliant

We pride ourselves on our environmentally safe processes, treatments and operations that consistently meet and exceed regulatory guidelines. Our team will create a disposal solution that is completely tailored to your unique business needs, while protecting people and the environment. With Greenflow, you can always have peace of mind because our goal is not just to remove waste from your business, but to reduce your environmental footprint while doing it.

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We are proud to be your reliable and trusted partner for any hazardous waste disposal, including asbestos abatement and removal.

Over a decade providing waste management solutions to a large industry base across Canada, and we have never lost sight of our core values: convenience, affordability, and reliability. With the promise of these benefits, we have committed ourselves to exceptional client service: Greenflow handles all the aspects surrounding your waste so that you are free to focus on what truly matters, your business.

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