Know Your Carrier

When disposing of any waste chemicals or solids make sure that the company you are dealing with is licensed by the Ministry of the Environment and ask for a copy of their Certificate of Approval Waste Management System before the waste is picked up.

Disposal of x-ray Solutions, Pharmaceuticals & Sharps

For over 20 years we have been providing our services to Veterinarians across Ontario. We utilize either on site treatment of x-ray solutions by means of ion exchange technology or by off site waste disposal. You can be confident that all of your waste streams will be disposed of and treated according to M.O.E. guidelines/legislation. Contact us today to discuss which option best fits your practice and how we can help with your pharmaceutical and sharp wastes.

We provide animal hospitals with either 5L sharp containers or our 25L pails for additional bulk savings.

We also pay for scrap x-rays!  Call to find out recent pricing.

We take pride in our quick service and client satisfaction.