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Something To Think About

As environmental protection increases in importance across the nation, industries of every type are faced with some big questions.

What is Pollution Prevention?

Pollution prevention is eliminating the creation waste or pollutant at the source. This means doing what we can to reduce the amount and toxicity of the pollution we generate. Preventing pollution may be something as simple as using a catch-basin to prevent spills, or as complex as redesigning an operation to increase efficiency and reduce waste. Making the decision to use non-hazardous solvents can protect the environment and reduce the number of environmental regulations you face. Pollution prevention means thinking about the environmental impact of your actions and trying to limit that impact.

Why Prevent Pollution?

When we generate waste or pollution, we must safely and legally manage that waste or pollution. Whether it is household trash or waste from a business, managing wastes costs money. The items we discard are materials we paid for when we obtain them. An example of this is paper towels. We buy them, use them once, and then pay again to have them disposed. If we reduce the amount of waste we generate, we save money. It's as simple as that.