Know Your Carrier

When disposing of any waste chemicals or solids make sure the disposal company you are dealing with is licensed by the Ministry of the Environment and ask for a copy of their Certificate of Approval Waste Management System before the waste is picked up.

For over 20 years Greenflow has been assisting dental practices in Ontario to comply with their local municipalities sewer by-laws which concerns the disposal of spent chemical/chemistry either by treatment on site or by disposing of waste off site.

Chemical Waste Disposal

Greenflow will supply 20 litre (labeled) containers which can be stored under a sink or wherever best suited for your facilities. When the container is near full call the number on the container and arrangements will be made for one of our technicians to pick-up the full container and replace with an empty.


Please note:
* Transportation fee outside 100 km may have additional charges



Sharp Disposal


5 Litre Sharp Containers (Pre-Paid)
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25 Litre Pails (Pre-Paid)
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Disposal of waste 

 Greenflow has been assisting dental practices with the disposal of the waste generated at their facilities. These include: